Saturday, October 17, 2009

howdy folks. fancy meeting you here.

so i went to my meet the midwives meeting on wed. evening over here. had my mom go with me, she was the question queen. it's cool though because it ended up being a group session and i get a bit shy in front of new people. got to to tour the facilities. really want to have my baby there. first appointment is Nov. 2, I'll be in my 12th week.
got my second ultrasound with care net on Mon. Marla is going to go with me. Justin doesn't want to for what ever reason and i don't want to go alone again. it was to sad not to have anyone to share it with last time. I'm super excited to see him again. i really like watching his little heart beat up there on the screen. and it will be a nice bonding thing with my mother-in-law.
still nauseous, eating better though. really want some oranges. feel like i could eat a whole bag full. applying for a part time job, need to save some money for this baby. slowly cleaning out my office, need to work a little fast so i can get started on the nursery.
that's about all i got right now peoples. I'll do my 10 week update Mon. after my ultra sound.

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